Dhabicoin starts a new cycle in the second half of 2022.

And it announces a lot of news about the entire roadmap of the project, and the constant development of new solutions to make Utility Token Dhabcoin more useful throughout the ecosystem.

As it is already public, we started the study of the Tezos blockchain to fulfill the goal of being more scalable and sustainable in the long term, given that Web3 technologies are evolving very quickly, and this initiative is a point that the engineering team has treated very seriously within the ecosystem.

We also announce the development of the application, a wallet completely different from anything you have ever seen on the market. The application, in addition to having the basic functions of a wallet for users. It will be complete with a stake function to benefit long-term users. A markeplace together with the wallet to facilitate the exchange of Dhabicoin for products and services in the United Arab Emirates, Latin America and in all places where the presence of Dhabicoin users represents an important percentage.

The metaverse subject is on the rise and news is constantly emerging. And once again Dhabicoin is present and making deliveries to the community that wants to be closer to the project and follow everything and be a part of it, because without a community the project does not exist. And as the community people are most important in any project. We also announced in May 2022, an AmA event in the metaverse room created especially to welcome all Dhabicoin friends and users.

NFTs, wow, this subject is not really hyped up… And of course Dhabicoin has created a fantastic collection. But everyone will be surprised by these new NFTs, because they will have different qualities from the NFTs that are on the market. In addition to collectibles, they will have themes that will generate utility for users. Unique utilities, experience only for those who have the exclusive NFT. Stay tuned, that reveal of the first NFTs is going to happen soon, very soon.

We will announce this month of May 2022, new exchanges that Dhabicoin has already started listing process. Everyone knows that Utility Token Dhabicoin is listed on some exchanges like Latoken, HotBit, Lbank, Bigone and the decentralized PancakeSwap.

And we are doing tireless work after announcing CoinPayments the largest cryptocurrency payment processor in the world, a company that is integrated as a means of payment for large internet companies, Shopify, WooCommerce, opencart, magento and many others. Our goal is to list on more exchanges later this year. During these semesters we will announce new exchanges, with the objective of increasing and conquering new users to promote more scale of the products and services that Dhabicoin is launching in the market.

Exchange announcements will be released first hand to the Telegram community, then on traditional social networks, and we will still have events in the metaverse on the subject throughout the period.

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