The Year of Turmoil and New Listings: The DhabiCoin Experience
Last year was turbulent and marked by surprises in the crypto world. With this in mind, the DhabiCoin team has adapted to the new scenarios and has already begun 2023 with new developments, in order to meet the goal of prioritizing the well-being and safety of investors.

Some of the main events of 2022:
At the start, the collapse of the Terra-Luna and Celsius platforms brought to light a ghost that haunts shitcoin investors, and which, in theory, large projects were immune to: melting down or becoming a scam, as in the case of Terra-Luna. In light of all this, even BTC, which is fully decentralized, suffered brutal falls and fluctuations, leading many exchanges to suffer almost irreparable losses.
As the year progressed, the crypto world tried to balance in this tumultuous sea, however, when everything seemed to be heading towards stability, new bombs exploded: the FTX and Binance cases.
The first is a billion dollar scandal involving a Ponzi scheme (or, popularly known, a pyramid scheme). In this case, the CEO committed fraud and illegally maintained two companies with the same financial resources – which resulted in arrest and a million dollar bail.

The second affected Binance, the world’s largest crypto brokerage, which began its marketing by hacking hundreds of channels on YouTube, leading to the downfall of FTX. Subsequently, the brokerage showed weakness in the most recurrent issue of 2022: liquidity index, that is, the ability to pay if all investors decided to liquidate their assets at the same time.
And it doesn’t stop there. The list of insolvent exchanges is large, and new news of collapses appear all the time, be it exchanges or stablecoins that lose parity.

A sad example of this is the Solana situation, which after an expectation of growth, suffered a drastic reduction, with an accumulated devaluation of 95%.
The reason for this pandemic of bankruptcies is very clear: investment platforms exchanges offered absurd profits in their leveraged operations.

The DhabiCoin in these scenarios
Given all these events, the DhabiCoin team decided to create strict and high criteria to filter the exchanges from the new listings. Now, the screening is done by the DhabiCoin itself, so the brokers that were already in negotiation will be reviewed and until there is a guarantee of solvency, We follow a rigorous selection process
This quarter, the listing schedule will be announced and the roadmap deliveries will continue throughout the year. The Dhabicoin team works to always deliver more than expected to the project. We entered this market to make history.

What can we expect from DhabiCoin this year?

The DhabiCoin team with Starten, has been working to bring utilities and comply with The DhabiCoin Roadmap, keep an eye on the announcement schedule in the coming weeks.

  1. Updated Status of current and new Listings. You can follow the latest article on this subject here to understand the current listing process and how the DhabiCoin team approves new Exchanges on its roadmap.
  • What’s new in relation to dhabicoin’s NFTs Collection of Utilities and its listings on exchanges. You can learn a little more about the DhabiCoin Platform and how the NFTs worked
  • Tezos Protocol Development Status in DhabiCoin – You can follow through the session on the main site
  • Stake campaigns and bonuses for trusted users.
  • Announcement of the Launch of the DhabiCoin Application and the operation of the Bug Bounty Program. You can learn more on our Telegram Channel
  • DhabiCoin Platform Announcement

Thank you, Time DhabiCoin!


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