What is Staking?

Staking is an alternative to holding funds in a Utility Token portfolio, its goal is to support security and operations within a blockchain network.

In summary you do the Hold (Staking) and are subsidized with Utility Tokens DhabiCoin for this.

How does it work at DBC?

When the Version of Staking is in the air, once you log in to the app the Staking function will be right on the Start screen of The Dhabicoin Wallet.

 Wallet DBC Staking V2 Version

Once you enter the Staking Screen, you’ll be able to view your current balance, Staking Balance, and Bonus History in Staking.

You can choose the options in Staking Highlight or manually enter the time and values for Staking.

Once you confirm the balance in DhabiCoin and the time in Staking, you start activating your bonuses.

*Important Notice* if you move your staking balances before the chosen deadline, you will lose bonuses.

Wallet Version DBC Staking V2 – Images merely illustrative.

How are bonuses calculated in Staking?

According to the Staking Table in DhabiCoin, through the projected mathematical calculation, you can estimate how many DBC Utility Tokens will be subsidized in your Wallet in an X period and of course how much percentage of cash is lost to move before the chosen time.

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