Some Exchanges around the world are adopting new criteria to bring a Token to market, a story that has drawn attention in recent days, is the current positioning of the CEO of Binance, better known as CZ, said in a recent report in Cointelegraph. 

“If a currency has a large number of users, we will list it. That’s the significant and overwhelming attribute. Consider, for example, meme tokens, even if I personally don’t understand, if it’s used by a large number of users, we list it. We follow the community, my opinion doesn’t matter. ” 

CZ Binance

Since the Luna problem, most Exchanges are taking more judicious steps to approve tokens for Listings. 

What have our team and the market been realizing?  

That it’s no use for a project to be listed in an Exchange, if the community isn’t active, the processes aren’t well defined, if the people involved aren’t serious and committed to the project, and of course if Exchange isn’t actively working together, all of this is going to go wrong.  

But that’s not the case with DhabiCoin.  

DhabiCoin has been making interesting deliveries and you may notice that early on it has already accomplished one of the most difficult tasks, which is to be listed on more than 3 Exchanges. 

The investment was more than $500,000 for the project to complete its first cycle and not stop there. 

Only this year was disclosed the development of several deliveries: 

  • 4 Exchanges Listed 
  • Increased your Board of Directors 
  • AMAs with The DhabiCoin Team 
  • Application Development Announcement 
  • Announcement of the new Collection of NFTs with DhabiCoin Utility 
  • Web3.0 Solution Development Start 
  • Start of Payment Medium Development  

In addition to these items that are part of the DhabiCoin Roadmap, there is an ongoing study to implement the Tezos Protocol, an initiative debuted by the Starten Incubator Team for this new DhabiCoin Cycle, where the utility token usage scale will gain a significant user mass later this year, taking into account recent Events in the UAE:  such as World Cup and major events in Dubai. 

But how is the Listing Start Process with Huobi? 

Houbi recently announced a partnership with the Brazilian payment gateway, Capitual, a plan for individualizing accounts for its users in Brazil. 

The action aims to improve security measures with recent attacks on Huobi Global, seeking to provide more secure and compliant gateway services, across fiat and crypto currencies, to Huobi Global users. 

This announcement also follows the May regulation of the Central Bank of Brazil, which requires local banks and payment intermediaries to update know your customer (KYC) processes for greater security and prevention of money laundering. 

“This kyc policy update is part of our ongoing efforts to manage security risks and incidents. Compliance and security of users’ assets have always been our top priorities, which is why we have maintained a history of zero security incidents for the nearly nine years since our launch. We are determined to work closely with Capitual to provide safer, more professional and compliant services to our users in Brazil,”

Said Lily Zhang, CFO of Huobi Group. 

And as DhabiCoin values the quality of the Exchanges it chooses for listing, even though it is an Exchange with an important positioning we obey strict rules and procedures to give you security investor. 

The process continues to advance and below you can check the Checklist, understand that this work is not only dependent on Exchange, nor only the DhabiCoin, the work is a joint effort of several partners and company to deliver it another high quality trading space. 

So far the following items in this listing process with Exchange are in progress: 

  • Application form > check 
  • Communication and media audit >check 
  • Project verification and compliance> in progress 
  • Community audit > in progress 
  • Smart-contract audit > in progress 
  • Audit Portfolios and > in progress 
  • Internal time audit > in progress 
  • Audit of governance policy > in progress 
  • Liquidity Analysis > in progress 
  • Token Utilities in Practice > Analysis on August 26, 2022 
  • Marketing disclosure  
  • Market Making Analysis  
  • Fund audit 
  • API’s integration 
  • Block validation 
  • KYC Integration 
  • Stake standardization and configuration 
  • Choice of acronyms (This item is very important) 
  • Exchange Official Announcement 
  • Opening for storage 
  • Opening for negotiation 

Any questions and questions, you can type here. 

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